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Select Ratings from Original Tuesday Cable telecasts from December 1 - December 29, 2015:

A lot happened in December on cable. On History, THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND aired 5 episodes in December which averaged 3.09 million viewers, and had a high of 3.4 million viewers on 12/22. On Syfy, THE EXPANSE began with 1.19m on Monday 12/14 (not on this chart), then dropped to 854,000 the following episode, and was at 633,000 for the most recent episode on 12/29. MOONSHINERS, on Discovery, was at 1.65m for its third episode of the season (1.58m the week before), and was seen by 1.7m for its most recent episode on 12/29. On USA, CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST had 1.84m viewers for its penultimate episode of the third season (and had 1.48m for the season finale on Wednesday 12/23), and DONNY! concluded its first season on 12/15, with a dismal 310,000 viewers (down from the 696K who saw the season premiere on 11/10). On CNBC, THE PROFIT had 356,000 viewers for its final episode of 2015, and will return for 6 more episodes in 2016 to close out its third season. On BET, BEING MARY JANE finished its third season with 1.66m viewers (down from 2.23m for the season premiere), and on TruTV, ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING concluded its inaugural season with 614,000 viewers (up from 523K of the season premiere). FINDING CARTER, on MTV, finished the second part of its second season with 337,000  and 334,000 for its two episodes, down from the 473K who watched the part 2 premiere, and from the 556K who saw the part 1 finale. BITCHIN' RIDES, on Velocity, concluded its second season with 411,000 and 579,000 for its two episodes (way up from the 266K of the season premiere), and CHASING CLASSIC CARS returned from a 2 week hiatus to a tune of 217,000 viewers, and had 326,000 on the most recent Tuesday. MANHATTAN, on WGN America, finished its second season with 201,000 viewers (from 265K of the season premiere), and FIX MY MOM, on Oxygen, ended its first season with 142,000 viewers (from 270K of the premiere). Among lower-rated cables, AMERICAN HARVEST, on RFD, ranged between 25,000 and 43,000 viewers, KNIFE FIGHT, on Esquire finished its fourth season with 110,000 viewers (way up from 40K/28K of the premiere), and finally, UNCORKED ended its brief 6 episode season with 30,000 viewers (up from 19K).

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
Curse of Oak IslandHistory12/1/153.054
Curse of Oak IslandHistory12/8/153.220
Curse of Oak IslandHistory12/15/152.471
Curse of Oak IslandHistory12/22/153.404
Curse of Oak IslandHistory12/29/153.300
The ExpanseSyfy12/15/150.854
The ExpanseSyfy12/22/150.676
The ExpanseSyfy12/29/150.633
Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo12/1/151.905
Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo12/8/151.765
Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo12/15/151.529
Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo12/22/151.591
Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo12/29/151.781
Being Mary JaneBET12/1/151.394
Being Mary JaneBET12/8/151.078
Being Mary JaneBET12/15/151.663
Chrisley Knows BestUSA12/1/151.271
Chrisley Knows BestUSA12/8/151.691
Chrisley Knows BestUSA12/15/151.328
Chrisley Knows BestUSA12/22/151.842
The ProfitCNBC12/1/150.710
The ProfitCNBC12/8/150.667
The ProfitCNBC12/15/150.356
Adam Ruins EverythingTruTV12/1/150.505
Adam Ruins EverythingTruTV12/8/150.531
Adam Ruins EverythingTruTV12/15/150.508
Adam Ruins EverythingTruTV12/22/150.614
Booze TravellerTravel12/1/150.482
Booze TravellerTravel12/8/150.535
Booze TravellerTravel12/15/150.292
Booze TravellerTravel12/22/150.433
Booze TravellerTravel12/29/150.356
Finding CarterMTV12/1/150.303
Finding CarterMTV12/8/150.358
Finding Carter (10pm)MTV12/15/150.337
Finding Carter (11pm)MTV 12/15/150.334
Bizarre FoodsTravel12/1/150.423
Bizarre Foods RepackTravel12/8/150.587
Bizarre Foods RepackTravel12/15/150.329
Bizarre Foods RepackTravel12/22/150.382
Bitchin' Rides (9pm)Velocity12/1/150.411
Bitchin' Rides (10pm)Velocity12/1/150.579
Chasing Classic CarsVelocity12/8/150.217
Chasing Classic CarsVelocity12/15/150.260
Chasing Classic CarsVelocity12/22/150.281
Chasing Classic CarsVelocity12/29/150.326
Rickey Smiley for RealTV One12/8/150.278
Rickey Smiley for RealTV One12/15/150.330
Rickey Smiley for RealTV One12/22/150.268
Rickey Smiley for RealTV One12/29/150.290
Born Again VirginTV One12/8/150.169
Born Again VirginTV One12/15/150.180
Born Again VirginTV One12/22/150.225
ManhattanWGN America12/1/150.308
ManhattanWGN America12/8/150.240
ManhattanWGN America12/15/150.201
Inside the NFLShowtime12/1/150.158
Inside the NFLShowtime12/8/150.156
Inside the NFLShowtime12/15/150.095
Inside the NFLShowtime12/22/150.138
Inside the NFLShowtime12/29/150.109
Fix My MomOxygen12/1/150.096
Fix My MomOxygen12/8/150.095
Fix My MomOxygen12/15/150.142
Knife Fight (9pm)Esquire12/1/150.044
Knife Fight (9:30pm)Esquire12/1/150.038
Knife Fight (9pm)Esquire12/8/150.060
Knife Fight (9:30pm)Esquire12/8/150.050
Knife Fight (9pm)Esquire12/15/150.042
Knife Fight (9:30pm)Esquire12/15/150.037
Knife Fight (9pm)Esquire12/22/150.100
Knife Fight (9:30pm)Esquire12/22/150.080
Knife FightEsquire12/29/150.110
The Kennedy FilesReelz12/1/150.199
The Kennedy FilesReelz12/8/150.196
The Kennedy FilesReelz12/15/150.142
The Kennedy FilesReelz12/22/150.135
The Kennedy FilesReelz12/29/150.258
American HarvestRFD12/1/150.043
American HarvestRFD12/8/150.046
American HarvestRFD12/15/150.025
American HarvestRFD12/22/150.026
American HarvestRFD12/29/150.052
VICE SpecialHBO12/1/150.126
Dr. FeelgoodReelz12/22/150.110
60 Minutes SportsShowtime12/1/150.083
A Season With Notre DameShowtime12/1/150.083
Nevada GOP DebateCNN12/15/1518.165
Childhood's EndSyfy12/15/151.242
Almost GeniusTruTV12/29/150.400
Below DeckBravo12/1/151.288
If Loving You is WrongOWN12/1/152.506
UnsungTV One12/1/150.342
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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