Friday, January 8, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Monday Cable telecasts from November 30 - December 28, 2015:

On VH1, LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD concluded its second season with 2.52 million viewers (up from the 2.39m for the season premiere), and LOVE & HIP HOP began its sixth season with 2.67m viewers (up from the 2.04m that saw the season 5 finale). On Bravo, VANDERPUMP RULES finished its second season on 12/27 (not on this chart) with 1.53m viewers, and averaged 1.318 million viewers across 4 episodes leading up to the finale, APRES SKI finished its inaugural season with 615,000 viewers (up from the 465K who watched the premiere). On TNT, MAJOR CRIMES finished the second part (of three) of its fourth season with 3.69m viewers (down from 3.99m for the premiere on 6/8/15), and LEGENDS aired the final 3 episodes of its second season (and likely the series) on 12/28, and were seen by 515,000, 405,000, and 325,000 respectively (down from the 676K who watched the season premiere, and dramatically down from the 2.58m who watched the series premiere in 2014). FARGO, on FX, ended its second season with 1.82 million viewers, up from the 1.59m of season premiere, but down from the 1.98m of the season one finale. On Syfy, THE EXPANSE began with 1.19m viewers, and on MTV, FOLLOW THE RULES averaged 348,000 viewers for all of its airings. Among lower rated cables, STRANGE INHERITANCE, on Fox Business, was seen by 78,000 and 121,000 for its 2 season finale episodes (way down from the 243K/253K who saw the 2 season premiere episodes on 11/11). Finally, on Smithsonian, THE CODEBREAKER WHO HACKED HITLER was seen by 105,000 on November 30.

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
Love & Hip Hop HollywoodVH111/30/152.592
Love & Hip Hop HollywoodVH112/7/152.522
Love & Hip HopVH112/14/152.665
Love & Hip HopVH112/21/152.285
Love & Hip HopVH112/28/152.812
Vanderpump RulesBravo11/30/151.346
Vanderpump RulesBravo12/7/151.371
Vanderpump RulesBravo12/14/151.286
Vanderpump RulesBravo12/21/151.286
Apres SkiBravo11/30/150.535
Apres SkiBravo12/7/150.586
Apres SkiBravo12/14/150.469
Apres SkiBravo12/21/150.615
Major CrimesTNT11/30/153.689
Major CrimesTNT12/7/153.286
Major CrimesTNT12/14/152.999
Major CrimesTNT12/21/153.689
Legends (9pm)TNT12/28/150.515
Legends (10pm)TNT12/28/150.405
Legends (11pm)TNT12/28150.325
Follow the Rules (10pm)MTV11/30/150.347
Follow the Rules (10:30pm)MTV11/30/150.388
Follow the Rules (10pm)MTV12/7/150.345
Follow the Rules (10:30pm)MTV12/7/150.310
Super IntoTruTV11/30/150.247
Super IntoTruTV12/7/150.174
Super IntoTruTV12/14/150.109
Super IntoTruTV12/21/150.209
Super IntoTruTV12/28/150.258
Justice By Any MeansTV One12/7/150.274
Justice By Any MeansTV One12/14/150.258
Justice By Any MeansTV One12/21/150.304
Fatal AttractionTV One12/7/150.234
Fatal AttractionTV One12/14/150.261
The ExpanseSyfy12/14/151.189
Home & FamilyHallmark11/30/150.282
Home & FamilyHallmark12/7/150.387
Home & FamilyHallmark12/14/150.298
Home & FamilyHallmark12/21/150.327
Making of H8ful EightCMT12/21/150.119
Colony: Behind the WallUSA12/21/150.858
Nuremberg: Nazi JudgementAHC11/30/150.410
Strange Inheritance (9pm)Fox Business11/30/150.158
Strange Inheritance (9:30pm)Fox Business11/30/150.141
Strange Inheritance (9pm)Fox Business12/7/150.123
Strange Inheritance (9:30pm)Fox Business12/7/150.130
Strange Inheritance (9pm)Fox Business12/14/150.078
Strange Inheritance (9:30pm)Fox Business12/14/150.121
The Codebreaker Who Hacked HitlerSmithsonian11/30/150.105
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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