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Select Ratings from Original Wednesday Cable telecasts from November 25 - December 23, 2015:

In the table below is a collection of select shows that aired on Wednesdays from November 25 - December 23, 2015. During that time, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, on FX, viewership ranged from a low of 1.85m viewers on 12/16, to a high of 2.31m on 12/2. On FXX, THE LEAGUE concluded its run with 456,000 viewers on 12/9 (down from 406K on 12/2), and YOU'RE THE WORST ended its second season with 269,000 viewers (up from 175K). On Discovery, ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE led the list in viewership never dropping below 3 million viewers during its 4 week run. On Velocity, DALLAS CAR SHARKS ended its third season with 324,000 viewers and had a high of 389K viewers during the final 4 weeks, and GRAVEYARD CARZ ended its fourth season with 263,000 viewers, with a high of 337K during its final 5 weeks. JAY LENO'S GARAGE, on CNBC, concluded its first season with 567,000 viewers (up from 480K), and an episode of TOP CHEF (Bravo) on 12/2 garnered 795,000 viewers. On Oxygen, FINDING MY FATHER began with 231,000 viewers on 12/9, but promptly dropped to 133K on 12/16. GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES, on Esquire, was seen by 116K, 37K, & 54K on 12/2, 12/9 and 12/16 respectively, and on GAC, FLIPPIN' RV'S had viewership ranging from 39,000 to 107,000 viewers during the same time period. Finally, among lower-rated cables, ICROCODILE, on Smithsonian, was seen by 46,000 viewers on 12/9, I KILLED JOHN LENNON, on Reelz, was at 109,000 viewers on 12/2, and CELEBRITY CONVERSATIONS, on Ovation, was at 23,000 viewers on Thanksgiving Eve.

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
American Horror Story: HotelFX12/2/152.310
American Horror Story: HotelFX12/9/152.142
American Horror Story: HotelFX12/16/151.846
Alaskan Bush PeopleDiscovery11/25/153.629
Alaskan Bush PeopleDiscovery12/2/153.015
Alaskan Bush PeopleDiscovery12/9/153.767
Alaskan Bush PeopleDiscovery12/16/153.416
Dallas Car SharksVelocity11/25/150.389
Dallas Car SharksVelocity12/2/150.285
Dallas Car SharksVelocity12/9/150.236
Dallas Car SharksVelocity12/16/150.324
Graveyard CarzVelocity11/25/150.337
Graveyard CarzVelocity12/2/150.333
Graveyard CarzVelocity12/9/150.289
Graveyard CarzVelocity12/16/150.282
Graveyard CarzVelocity12/23/150.263
Jay Leno's GarageCNBC11/25/150.480
Jay Leno's GarageCNBC12/2/150.567
The WestbrooksBET11/25/150.353
The WestbrooksBET12/2/150.441
The WestbrooksBET12/9/150.593
The WestbrooksBET12/16/150.349
South ParkComedy12/2/151.433
South ParkComedy12/9/151.825
Couples TherapyVH112/2/150.583
Couples TherapyVH112/9/150.496
Top ChefBravo12/2/150.795
True LifeMTV12/2/150.190
True LifeMTV12/9/150.255
True LifeMTV12/16/150.241
True LifeMTV12/23/150.250
The LeagueFXX12/2/150.406
The LeagueFXX12/9/150.456
You're the WorstFXX12/2/150.175
You're the WorstFXX12/9/150.269
Santas in the BarnTruTV12/2/150.231
Santas in the BarnTruTV12/16/150.144
Santas in the BarnTruTV12/23/150.204
Finding My FatherOxygen12/9/150.231
Finding My FatherOxygen12/16/150.133
Finding My FatherOxygen12/23/150.151
Joking OffMTV212/16/150.337
Joking OffMTV212/23/150.292
Going Deep with David ReesEsquire12/2/150.116
Going Deep with David ReesEsquire12/9/150.037
Going Deep with David ReesEsquire12/16/150.054
Going Deep with David ReesEsquire12/23/150.049
Rich in Faith (10pm)Oxygen12/9/150.069
Rich in Faith (10:30pm)Oxygen12/9/150.031
Rich in FaithOxygen12/16/150.059
Rich in FaithOxygen12/23/150.084
Flippin' RV'sGAC12/2/150.105
Flippin' RV'sGAC12/9/150.107
Flippin' RV'sGAC12/16/150.039
Chrisley Knows BestUSA12/23/151.478
Childhood's End Pt. 3Syfy12/16/151.282
The MagiciansSyfy12/16/150.916
Celebrity ConversationsOvation11/25/150.023
I Killed John LennonReelz12/2/150.109
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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