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Select Ratings from Original Thursday Cable telecasts from November 26 - December 24, 2015:

Many shows have aired during the past 5 Thursdays, here is a recap of a select number of them. On Syfy, HAVEN concluded on 12/17 with a series-low 528,000 viewers at 11pm, a huge drop from the 679,000 that saw the 10pm episode (also majorly down from the 745K that saw the Season 5 Pt. 2 premiere). On MTV, BROKE A$$ GAME SHOW ranged from 250,000 to 384,000, RIDICULOUSNESS was at 529,000 on 12/3, 673,000 on 12/10, and 592,000 on 12/17, and finally, MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT SHOW aired two episodes during this timeframe, which were at 164,000 and 250,000 on 12/3 and 12/10 respectively. On FXX, ANIMATION DOMINATION saw a low of 61,000 viewers on Thanksgiving, and a high of 145,000 on 12/17. On TruTV, BILLY ON THE STREET ranged from 131,000 to 275,000, and SANTAS IN THE BARN was between 209,000 and 250,000. On Thanksgiving, MCDONALDS THANKSGIVING PARADE, on WGN America was seen by 177,000 viewers, RAILROAD ALASKA, on Destination America, was at 104,000 viewers, and INSIDE STORY: SANTA CLAUSE, on Reelz, was seen by a mere 45,000. Among lower-rated cables, COMEDY BANG! BANG! concluded its fourth season with 36,000 viewers (down from 75K for the season premiere on 1/9/15), and SMALL TOWN BIG DEAL, on RFD, ranged between 25,000 and 36,000 viewers.

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
ChoppedFood Network11/26/150.872
ChoppedFood Network12/10/151.184
ChoppedFood Network12/17/151.135
Haven (10pm)Syfy12/17/150.679
Haven (11pm)Syfy12/17/150.528
The First 48A&E12/3/151.237
The First 48A&E12/10/151.056
The First 48A&E12/17/151.346
Project Runway JuniorLifetime12/3/151.099
Project Runway JuniorLifetime12/10/151.134
Project Runway JuniorLifetime12/17/151.254
Top ChefBravo12/3/150.841
Top ChefBravo12/10/150.889
Top ChefBravo12/17/150.850
Broke A$$ Game ShowMTV12/3/150.292
Broke A$$ Game ShowMTV12/10/150.384
Broke A$$ Game Show (11:30pm)MTV12/10/150.250
Broke A$$ Game ShowMTV12/17/150.299
Santas in the BarnTruTV12/3/150.250
Santas in the BarnTruTV12/10/150.217
Santas in the BarnTruTV12/17/150.209
Santas in the BarnTruTV12/24/150.244
Animation DominationFXX11/26/150.061
Animation DominationFXX12/3/150.124
Animation DominationFXX12/10/150.133
Animation DominationFXX12/17/150.145
Animation DominationFXX12/24/150.089
Billy on the StreetTruTV11/26/150.162
Billy on the StreetTruTV12/3/150.131
Billy on the StreetTruTV12/10/150.257
Billy on the StreetTruTV12/17/150.275
Billy on the StreetTruTV12/24/150.216
I Love Kellie PicklerCMT11/26/150.370
I Love Kellie PicklerCMT12/3/150.279
I Love Kellie PicklerCMT12/10/150.291
I Love Kellie PicklerCMT12/17/150.261
Selling It in the ATLWeTV12/3/150.170
Selling It in the ATLWeTV12/10/150.486
Selling It in the ATLWeTV12/17/150.431
Middle of the Night ShowMTV12/3/150.164
Middle of the Night ShowMTV12/10/150.250
TimelineNFL Network12/3/150.803
TimelineNFL Network12/24/151.300
Small Town Big DealRFD11/26/150.025
Small Town Big DealRFD12/3/150.036
Small Town Big DealRFD12/10/150.028
Small Town Big DealRFD12/17/150.034
Comedy Bang! Bang!  (11pm)IFC12/3/150.017
Comedy Bang! Bang! (11:30pm)IFC12/3/150.050
Comedy Bang! Bang!IFC12/10/150.036
McDonald's ThanksgivingWGN America11/26/150.177
Railroad AlaskaDestination America11/26/150.104
Inside Story: Santa ClauseReelz11/26/150.045
TMZ SportsFS111/26/150.043
Braxton Family ValuesWeTV12/10/150.619
Tamar & VinceWeTV12/17/150.684
Restaurant ImpossibleFood Network12/17/151.015
LutherBBC America12/17/150.252
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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