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Select Ratings from Original Sunday Cable telecasts from November 29 - December 27, 2015:

A whole bunch of big shows aired on the past 5 Sundays. On Showtime, HOMELAND finished its fifth season with 2.07 million viewers (up from the 1.66m who saw the season premiere, and up from the 1.97m who watched the fourth season finale), and THE AFFAIR ended its second season with a series-high 1.11 million viewers (up from the 815K who watched the season premiere, and from the 951K who watched the first season finale), this also marked the first time the show has crossed the 1 million viewers threshold. On HBO, THE LEFTOVERS concluded its second season with 993,000 viewers (up from 861K the week before), which was up from the 713K who watched the season premiere, but down from the 1.53m viewers who saw the first season finale. The series finale of GETTING ON was at 263,000 viewers, about even with the 269K who watched the season premiere, up from the 209K who saw the second season finale, but half of the 520K who watched the series premiere in 2013. On AMC, THE WALKING DEAD finished the first part of its sixth season with 13.98 million viewers, and INTO THE BADLANDS ended its inaugural season with 2.16m viewers (down from the 6.39m who saw the series premiere). On TNT, THE LIBRARIANS concluded its second season with 2.24m viewers (even with the 2.25m who saw the season premiere) and AGENT X concluded with 1.22m/1.12m for its final 2 episodes. On Smithsonian, UFO'S DECLASSIFIED ranged between 65,000 viewers and 109,000, and SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH was at 121,000 viewers on 11/29. Among lower-rated cables, PORTRAIT ARTIST OF THE YEAR, on Ovation, ended its first season with 1,000 viewers, and began its second season with 4,000 the next week. On SundanceTV, BEHIND THE STORY WITH THE PALEY CENTER ended its second season with 18,000 viewers (down from the 37K that saw the season premiere), and CLOSEUP WITH THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER was seen by 47,000 for its most recent episode on 12/20. Finally, on Starz, FLESH AND BONE ended its short run with 93,000 viewers (down from 190K for the series premiere on 11/1).

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
The Walking DeadAMC11/29/1513.981
Into the BadlandsAMC11/29/155.166
Into the BadlandsAMC12/6/152.424
Into the BadlandsAMC12/13/152.209
Into the BadlandsAMC12/20/152.159
Keeping Up with the KardashiansE!11/29/151.983
Keeping Up with the Kardashians E!12/6/152.311
Keeping Up with the KardashiansE!12/13/152.053
Keeping Up with the KardashiansE!12/20/151.893
The LibrariansTNT11/29/152.021
The LibrariansTNT12/6/152.242
The LibrariansTNT12/13/152.214
The LibrariansTNT12/20/151.941
The LibrariansTNT12/27/152.237
The AffairShowtime11/29/150.916
The AffairShowtime12/6/150.833
The AffairShowtime12/13/150.989
The AffairShowtime12/20/151.111
The LeftoversHBO11/29/150.861
The LeftoversHBO12/6/150.993
The RoyalsE!11/29/150.532
The RoyalsE!12/6/150.627
The RoyalsE!12/13/150.653
The RoyalsE!12/20/150.705
The RoyalsE!12/27/150.671
Royal HangoverE!12/27/150.319
Agent XTNT11/29/150.978
Agent XTNT12/6/150.987
Agent XTNT12/13/151.154
Agent XTNT12/20/151.207
Agent X (9pm)TNT12/27/151.223
Agent X (10pm)TNT12/27/151.119
Snapped: Killer CouplesOxygen11/29/150.316
Snapped: Killer CouplesOxygen12/6/150.351
Snapped: Killer CouplesOxygen12/13/150.398
Getting OnHBO11/29/150.321
Getting OnHBO12/6/150.318
Getting OnHBO12/13/150.263
Barnwood BuildersDIY11/29/150.358
Barnwood BuildersDIY12/6/150.296
Barnwood BuildersDIY12/20/150.303
Barnwood BuildersDIY12/27/150.318
Behind the Story with the Paley CenterSundanceTV11/29/150.022
Behind the Story with the Paley CenterSundanceTV12/6/150.021
Behind the Story with the Paley CenterSundanceTV12/13/150.018
Closeup with the Hollywood ReporterSundanceTV12/13/150.009
Closeup with the Hollywood ReporterSundanceTV12/20/150.047
Secrets of the Third ReichSmithsonian11/29/150.121
UFO's DeclassifiedSmithsonian11/29/150.109
UFO's DeclassifiedSmithsonian12/6/150.065
UFO's DeclassifiedSmithsonian12/13/150.083
StartalkNat Geo11/29/150.089
StartalkNat Geo12/6/150.089
StartalkNat Geo12/13/150.167
StartalkNat Geo12/20/150.138
StartalkNat Geo12/27/150.180
Portrait Artist of the YearOvation11/29/150.001
Portrait Artist of the YearOvation12/6/150.004
Portrait Artist of the YearOvation12/13/150.010
Portrait Artist of the YearOvation12/20/150.004
Portrait Artist of the YearOvation12/27/150.043
Flesh and BoneStarz11/29/150.124
Flesh and BoneStarz12/6/150.122
Flesh and BoneStarz12/13/150.073
Flesh and BoneStarz12/20/150.116
Flesh and BoneStarz12/27/150.093
RuPaul's Drag Race: RuvealedLogo11/29150.069
RuPaul's Drag Race: RuvealedLogo12/6/150.053
RuPaul's Drag Race: RuvealedLogo12/13/150.065
RuPaul's Drag Race: RuvealedLogo12/20/150.077
RuPaul's Green Screen ChristmasLogo12/13/150.094
Angel of ChristmasHallmark11/29/153.320
K. Kingsbury - The BridgeHallmark12/6/153.200
Christmas LandHallmark12/20/154.244
The Christmas NoteHMM11/29/151.023
Magic StockingHMM12/6/150.922
D.M. Dashing Through ShowHMM12/13/151.007
Beverly Hills ChristmasUP12/6/150.306
Baby For ChristmasUP12/13/150.316
Halo AwardsTV Land11/29/150.158
Halo AwardsNickelodeon11/29/151.789
Halo AwardsNicktoons11/29/150.212
Halo AwardsTeenNick11/29/150.221
Halo AwardsCMT11/29/150.066
Soul Train AwardsCentric11/29/150.395
Soul Train AwardsBET11/29/153.021
Master ClassOWN11/29/150.174
Master ClassOWN12/6/150.174
Super Soul SessionsOWN12/27/150.136
Truck UVelocity11/29/150.268
Shadowhunters PreviewABC Family12/6/151.259
Descendents Wicked WorldDisney12/13/151.598
Austin & AllyDisney12/6/151.505
Liv and MaddieDisney12/6/151.532
Best Friends WheneverDisney12/6/151.328
KC UndercoverDisney12/6/151.292
Ghost AsylumDestination America11/29/150.145
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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