Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Saturday Cable telecasts from November 28 - December 26, 2015:

On BBC America, DOCTOR WHO concluded its ninth season on 12/5 with 852,000 viewers, and had 895,000 the week before (down from 1.97m for the season premiere on 9/19), and LAST KINGDOM ended with 371,000 viewers on 11/28 (almost even with the 393K that saw the season premiere). On Starz, DA VINCI'S DEMONS aired its series finale on 12/26, and it garnered 202,000 viewers, down from the 238K for the season premiere, and hugely down from the 1.042m that saw the series premiere in 2013. ASH VS. EVIL DEAD has its season finale on January 2, 2016, but its penultimate episode had 343,000 viewers and the prior 4 episodes never dropped below 400K viewers. Hallmark aired original Christmas films on the Saturdays leading up to Christmas Day, and each and ever movie was above 3.4m viewers. Destination America's RAILROAD ALASKA dropped steadily from 509,000 on 11/28 to 311,000 on Boxer Day. On Velocity, a new series THE APPRAISERS began with 161,000 and 170,000 viewers on 12/5, but was up to 208,000 viewers for the most recent episode. Among lower-rated cables, SPOTLESS, on Esquire, had viewership ranging from 41,000 to 99,000, and THE RETURNED, on SundanceTV, finished its second season with 72,000 viewers (down from 123K for the season premiere on Halloween).

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
Doctor WhoBBC America11/28/150.895
Doctor WhoBBC America12/5/150.852
Pitbulls and ParoleesAnimal11/28/151.187
Pitbulls and ParoleesAnimal12/5/150.738
Pitbulls and ParoleesAnimal12/19/150.872
Ash vs. Evil DeadStarz11/28/150.430
Ash vs. Evil DeadStarz12/5/150.402
Ash vs. Evil DeadStarz12/12/150.452
Ash vs. Evil DeadStarz12/19/150.465
Ash vs. Evil DeadStarz12/26/150.343
Da Vinci's DemonsStarz11/28/150.192
Da Vinci's DemonsStarz12/5/150.102
Da Vinci's DemonsStarz12/12/150.120
Da Vinci's DemonsStarz12/19/150.120
Da Vinci's DemonsStarz12/26/150.202
Railroad AlaskaDestination America11/28/150.509
Railroad AlaskaDestination America12/5/150.454
Railroad AlaskaDestination America12/19/150.329
Railroad AlaskaDestination America12/26/150.311
The ReturnedSundanceTV11/28/150.092
The ReturnedSundanceTV12/5/150.072
The ReturnedSundanceTV12/12/150.062
The ReturnedSundanceTV12/19/150.072
Instant Mom (8pm)TV Land12/5/150.299
Instant Mom (8:30pm)TV Land12/5/150.312
Instant Mom (8pm)TV Land12/12/150.297
Instant Mom (8:30pm)TV Land12/12/150.293
Instant Mom (8pm)TV Land12/19/150.189
Instant Mom (8:30pm)TV Land12/19/150.201
Demons in the City of AngelsReelz11/28/150.151
Demons in the City of AngelsReelz12/5/150.083
Demons in the City of AngelsReelz12/12/150.080
Demons in the City of Angels (8pm)Reelz12/26/150.071
Demons in the City of Angels (9pm)Reelz12/26/150.055
Dr. FeelgoodReelz11/28/150.134
Dr. FeelgoodReelz12/5/150.098
Dr. FeelgoodReelz12/12/150.077
Dr. FeelgoodReelz12/26/150.136
Master P's Family EmpireReelz11/28/150.285
Master P's Family EmpireReelz12/5/150.136
Master P's Family EmpireReelz12/19/150.025
The Appraisers (8pm)Velocity12/5/150.161
The Appraisers (8:30pm)Velocity12/5/150.170
The Appraisers (8pm)Velocity12/12/150.147
The Appraisers (8:30pm)Velocity12/12/150.135
The AppraisersVelocity12/19/150.208
Dr. Dee Alaska VetAnimal12/5/151.070
Dr. Dee Alaska VetAnimal12/12/151.116
Dr. Dee Alaska VetAnimal12/26/150.811
TimelineNFL Network12/19/151.183
TimelineNFL Network12/26/150.809
When Calls the HeartHallmark12/26/152.488
Just in Time 4 ChristmasHallmark12/5/153.456
On the 12th Day of ChristmasHallmark12/12/153.506
A Christmas MelodyHallmark12/19/153.945
The Spymasters: CIA in the CrosshairsShowtime11/28/150.201
Last KingdomBBC America11/28/150.371
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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