Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving from RatingsRyan! Over the past month, I have implemented quite a few site changes that I'd like to briefly discuss. I consider every change I make on this site an improvement to what was there before, and my goals were to improve both navigation of the site, as well as the different types of ratings I provide. The first major change is the dropdown menu that can be found in the Navigation bar on the top of the page. I organized every post by Day of the Week, so it is much easier to find every post from a specific day of the week. Second, along the left side of the site, I made a clickable list of various cable TV channels. Click on any of the TV channels in this section, and all of the posts will be filtered to only include posts that have ratings from shows on that specific channel. Third, I implemented Cable Live +3 ratings posts that will be published every week. After taking a break from posting Cable DVR ratings, I have decided to switch from posting Live +7 numbers, to Live +3 numbers. Live +3 numbers are a lot easier to get a hold of, and are now the go-to numbers for networks such as AMC. Finally, I've added a "Racial Ratings" section to the blog. Each week, I will post a list of the top shows for African-Americans and Hispanics as well as the viewership for each show from both demographics. I hope you find these changes make it easier to navigate my site, and again, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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