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Select Ratings from Original Monday Cable telecasts from July 20, 2015 to August 24, 2015:

On Lifetime, DEVIOUS MAIDS was down to 1.17m viewers for its 7/20 episode (from 1.35m on 7/13), but up to 1.53m for the season finale on 8/24 (vs. 1.47m for the season premiere). UNREAL concluded its inaugural season with 790,000 viewers (down slightly from the 815,000 for the series premiere). On TNT, MAJOR CRIMES finished the first part of its fourth season with 4.47m viewers, and MURDER IN THE FIRST concluded its second season with 1.83m viewers (vs. 2.38m for the season premiere). BECOMING US, on ABC Family, finished its brief run with a dismal 200,000 viewers (way down from the 638,000 for the season premiere on 6/8). On Travel, 36 HOURS began its series with 263,000 viewers on 8/17, and was up in its second episode to 274,000.

Table is alphabetized based on the Channel a program aired on.
Program TitleChannelDate Viewers 2+
Devious MaidsLifetime7/20/151.165
Devious MaidsLifetime7/27/151.265
Devious MaidsLifetime8/3/151.411
Devious MaidsLifetime8/10/151.339
Devious MaidsLifetime8/17/151.158
Devious MaidsLifetime8/24/151.533
Major CrimesTNT7/20/154.310
Major CrimesTNT7/27/154.386
Major CrimesTNT8/3/154.574
Major CrimesTNT8/10/154.475
Murder in the FirstTNT7/20/151.931
Murder in the FirstTNT7/27/152.185
Murder in the FirstTNT8/3/152.100
Murder in the FirstTNT8/10/152.023
Murder in the FirstTNT8/17/151.881
Murder in the FirstTNT8/24/151.828
The FostersABC Family7/20/151.332
The FostersABC Family8/3/151.225
The FostersABC Family8/10/151.065
The FostersABC Family8/17/151.246
Chasing LifeABC Family7/20/150.719
Chasing LifeABC Family7/27/150.601
Chasing LifeABC Family8/3/150.611
Chasing LifeABC Family8/10/150.752
Chasing LifeABC Family8/17/150.754
Chasing LifeABC Family8/24/150.772
Becoming UsABC Family7/20/150.147
Becoming UsABC Family7/27/150.232
Becoming UsABC Family8/3/150.219
Becoming UsABC Family8/10/150.200
Teen WolfMTV7/20/151.263
Teen WolfMTV7/27/151.137
Teen WolfMTV8/3/151.092
Teen WolfMTV8/10/151.104
Teen WolfMTV8/17/151.100
Teen WolfMTV8/24/150.958
Girl CodeMTV7/27/150.476
Girl CodeMTV8/3/150.257
Girl Code (11pm)MTV8/10/150.437
Girl Code (11:30pm)MTV8/10/150.305
Girl Code (11pm)MTV8/17/150.391
Girl Code (11:30pm)MTV8/17/150.305
36 HoursTravel8/17/150.263
36 HoursTravel8/24/150.274
Switched at BirthABC Family8/24/150.979
Rural Town HallRFD8/24/150.026
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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