Thursday, July 16, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday July 12, 2015:

Sunday Cable Ratings Highlights: On Showtime, RAY DONOVAN began its third season with 1.04 million viewers down from both the season 1 premiere (1.35 million), season 2 premiere (1.22m), and season 2 finale (1.97m). MASTERS OF SEX started its third season with 583,000 viewers, down from the season 1 premiere (1.00 million), season 2 premiere (825,000), and season 2 finale (889,000). On AMC, HUMANS jumped up to 1.21 million viewers (from 1.09m), but HALT AND CATCH FIRE fell to 499,000 viewers (from 558,000). On HBO, TRUE DETECTIVE dropped to 2.36 million viewers (from 2.62m), BALLERS fell quite similarly, down to 1.59 million (from 1.7m), THE BRINK plummeted to 989,000 viewers (from 1.17m), and LAST WEEK TONIGHT came back strong from its week off, with 1.01m. On TNT, FALLING SKIES was up to 1.88 million viewers (from 1.82m), and THE LAST SHIP jumped to 3.00 million viewers (all the way from 2.62m). The MISS USA PAGEANT suffered on Reelz, with only 925,000 viewers (way down from the 5.56 million viewers on NBC last year). On Smithsonian, MUMMIES ALIVE concluded its season with 103,000 viewers (up 20k from last week), and MY MILLION DOLLAR INVENTION doubled its viewers to 101,000 viewers (from 51,000). Finally, BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK, on Pop, was at 121,000 viewers (from Saturday's 112,000).

Table is alphabetized based on the Channel a program aired on.
Program TitleChannelViewers 2+
Halt and Catch FireAMC0.499
The Last AlaskansAnimal Planet1.688
Finding Bigfoot (9pm)Animal Planet1.027
Finding Bigfoot (10pm)Animal Planet1.063
Married to MedicineBravo0.944
Real Housewives Atlanta (8pm)Bravo0.509
Real Housewives Atlanta (1130pm)Bravo0.654
Mother FundersBravo0.505
Inside PoliticsCNN0.522
Death Row StoriesCNN0.713
Naked and Afraid (9pm)Discovery2.210
Naked and Afraid (10pm)Discovery2.953
Shark IslandDiscovery1.827
Tiburones: Sharks of CubaDiscovery1.413
Austin & AllyDisney2.245
Best Friends WheneverDisney2.021
KC UndercoverDisney1.987
Salvage Dawgs (9pm)DIY0.566
Salvage Dawgs (930pm)DIY0.560
Richkids of Beverly HillsE!0.508
Botched E!936
Food Network StarFood Network2.189
Guys Grocery GamesFood Network1.289
Cutthroat KitchenFood Network1.103
Dinner at TiffanisFood Network0.521
Daphne DishesFood Network0.567
The StrainFX1.664
True DetectiveHBO2.359
The BrinkHBO0.989
Last Week TonightHBO1.013
Beach FlipHGTV1.854
Beachfront Bargain Hunt (8pm)HGTV1.735
Beachfront Bargain Hunt (830pm)HGTV1.783
House Hunters InternationalHGTV1.421
House HuntersHGTV1.333
Island Hunters (10pm)HGTV1.596
Island Hunters (1030pm)HGTV1.488
Stone House RevivalHGTV1.544
Time MachineHistory1.263
Kennedy AssassinationHistory0.722
Fort Knox RevealedHistory0.539
2015 Fandom AwardsMTV0.417
2000s: A New RealityNat Geo0.671
Big Brother After DarkPop0.121
Miss USA PageantReelz0.925
Ray DonovanShowtime1.035
Masters of SexShowtime0.583
My Million Dollar InventionSmithsonian0.101
Mummies AliveSmithsonian0.103
Bar RescueSpike1.200
Catch a ContractorSpike1.022
Return to AmishTLC1.251
Gypsy SistersTLC0.904
The Last ShipTNT2.999
Falling SkiesTNT1.878
Food Paradises (4pm)Travel0.344
Food Paradises (5pm)Travel0.385
Xtreme WaterparksTravel0.346
101 Amazing ThrillsTravel0.326
Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaVH11.827
Basketball WivesVH11.904
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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